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ID Number 950
Study Type Epidemiology
Model Microwave exposure to US Navy personnel and correlation with cancer.

US Navy personnel were analyzed for the incidence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. While RF exposure was not specifically studied, the occupational classifications were directly omparable to those of the Robinette study where RF exposure was assessed. Job categories with high level RF exposure included electronics technician, aviaiton electronics technician, and fire control technician. THese job categories actually had a lower incidence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma than the general male population.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Naval Health Res. Center, USA
Funding Agency Navy, USA
  • Garland, FC et al. Arch. Environ. Health, (1988) 43:425-429
  • Garland, FC et al. Am. J. Epidemiol., (1990) 132:293-303
  • Garland, FC et al. Int. J. Epidemiol., (1987) 16:367-372
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