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ID Number 754
Study Type In Vivo
Model 2450 MHz (CW) exposure to rabbits and analysis of eye pathology

New Zealand white rabbits were exposed to 2450 MHz (PW-1000 Hz) at ~15.3 W/kg at the head for 30 minutes using a waveguide exposure system. Analysis of eye pathology by slit lamp was performed, and the threshold for cataract formation was determined as 285 mW/cm2 averaged over the central 2 cm of the waveguide, or a caloric load equivalent to 2.46 kcal. The authors further concluded that the rate of energy absorption, and not the peak electric field, is the significant parameter in the microwave induction of cataracts. In earlier studie, New Zealand white rabbits were exposed as above to 2450 MHz to determine thresholds for cataract induction. A single exposure at an incident power density of 250 mW/cm2 for 35-40 min of multiple exposures at 180 mW/cm2 for 1 hr/day for 20 consecutive days were required for cataract formation. Damaging MW exposure resulted in decreased ascorbic acid production, inhibition of DNA synthesis, and histopathological changes primarily in the lens epithelium.

Findings Effects (only at thermal levels)
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator FDA, USA
Funding Agency FDA, USA
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