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ID Number 571
Study Type Plant Studies
Model 10, 14 MHz (FM) exposure to plants and analysis of micronuclei

Tradescantia plants were exposed to 10 MHz at ~ 40 V/m or 14 MHz at 70-90 V/m by placing plant cuttings in the vicinity of radiobroadcasting towers for 30 hours. Micronuclei were scored using a Trad-MCN analysis, and the authors report an increase in MN frequency with RF exposure.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Univ. of Vienna, Austria
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
  • Haider, T et al. Mutat. Res., (1994) 324:65-68
  • Comments

    The exposure levels are reported as non-thermal, although the authors admit that they are well above the ICNIRP limits of 27.5 V/m in this frequency range. The study does not include a positive control or show a dose response for MN formation with increasing RF. Further, the data are given with +/- standard error values which does not indicate the true spread of the data. Finally, the control values reported are well below normal control values in the literature of 4-5 MN/100 tetrads (Kong et al, Mutat Res 1999 May 19;426(2):221-8; Duan et al., Mutat Res 1999 May 19;426(2):127-31; Ma et al Mutat Res 1992 Nov 1;270(1):39-44; Knasmuller et al Mutat Res 1992 Nov 1;270(1):31-7; Ma et al Can J Genet Cytol 1985 Apr;27(2):143-50.