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ID Number 426
Study Type In Vivo
Model 2450 MHz (CW, PW) exposure to mice and analysis of tumor progression (B16 melanoma cell line injection bioassay)

C57BL/6J mice (5 wk old females) were injected with B16 melanoma cells (3 x 10(6)) and exposed to 2450 MHz (CW & PW as 10 usec pulses for 10 msec repeated at 25 Hz) RF at an SAR of 1.2 W/kg (whole body average). Exposures were for 2.5 hr/day, 6 days/wk for 15 days prior to tumor cell injection, followed by exposure on the same schedule until death at ~26 days. No significant effects were observed on mean tumor surface area or survival times with RF exposure (mean = 25 days). In a related microwave study (J Microw Power (1986) 21(1):41-44), B16 melanoma cells were exposed to 2450 MHz (CW) at a power density of 40 mW/cm2 (producing a temperature of 44 C) for 20 minutes and injected into mice to induce an immune response. Animals immunized with hyperthermia-exposed B16 cells survived significantly longer upon subsequent injection with viable B16 melanoma cells. The authors speculate that microwave hyperthermia may facilitate chemical and/or conformational changes in various antigenic molecules on B16 cells favoring a good immune response.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Lab Physiology & Pharmacodynamics, INSA, France -
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
Country FRANCE
  • Santini, R et al. Bioelectromagnetics, (1988) 9:105-107
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