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ID Number 269
Study Type Epidemiology
Model 400 kHz -20GHz (FM) exposure to Australian Radio-linemen from broadcast towers and analysis of chromosomal abnormalities in blood cells

Human subjects (n=40 Telecom Australia radio-linemen working >5 years) responsible for erecting and maintaining broadcasting, telecommunication, and satellite transmission towers were evaluated for cytogenic abnormalities (chromatid gaps & breaks, chromosome gaps & breaks, and more complex aberrations) in circulating blood cells. These linemen had histories of long term intermittent exposure to RF in the range of 400 kHz to 20 GHz (at or below Australian occupational limits). Information was gathered using a questionnaire to determined occupational history and other relevant exposures. Age and sex matched controls were drawn from clerical staff. Results indicated no increased chromosomal abnormalities in the radio linemen group as compared to the controls.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator St. Vincent's Hosp, Australia
Funding Agency Telecom Australia
  • Garson, OM et al. Med. J. Australia, (1991) 155:289-292
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