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ID Number 2313
Study Type Engineering & Physics
Model Dosimetry studies of wireless power transfer (WPT) systems.

AUTHORS' ABSTRACT: Hirata et al. 2013 (IEEE #5319): The present study discusses the applicability of the magneto-quasi-static approximation to the calculation of the specific absorption rate (SAR) in a cylindrical model for a wireless power transfer system. Resonant coils with different parameters were considered in the 10 MHz band. A two-step quasi-static method that is comprised of the method of moments and the scalar-potential finite-difference methods is applied, which can consider the effects of electric and magnetic fields on the induced SAR separately. From our computational results, the SARs obtained from our quasi-static method are found to be in good agreement with full-wave analysis for different positions of the cylindrical model relative to the wireless power transfer system, confirming the applicability of the quasi-static approximation in the 10 MHz band. The SAR induced by the external electric field is found to be marginal as compared to that induced by the magnetic field. Thus, the dosimetry for the external magnetic field, which may be marginally perturbed by the presence of biological tissue, is confirmed to be essential for SAR compliance in the 10 MHz band or lower. This confirmation also suggests that the current in the coil rather than the transferred power is essential for SAR compliance.

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator
Funding Agency ?????
Country JAPAN
  • Hirata, A et al. Physics in Medicine and Biology., (2013) 58:N241-N249
  • Lan, J et al. Energies., (2020) 13:3635-
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