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ID Number 2255
Study Type In Vivo
Model Investigation of hematopoietic effects in mice pre-exposed to 900 MHz before exposure to ionizing radiation.

Cao et al. 2011 (authors' abstract): Purpose:To investigate whether an adaptive response can be induced in mice which were pre-exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields. Materials and methods:Adult male Kunming mice were exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields (RF) at power intensities of 12, 120 and 1200 ¼W/cm(2) for 1 h/day for 14 days and then subjected to whole body gamma-irradiation. The results were compared with those in unexposed control animals and those exposed to gamma-irradiation alone (without pre-exposure to RF). The extent of survival and hematopoietic tissue damage (assessed in the form of nucleated colony forming cells in the bone marrow and colony forming cells in the spleen of lethally irradiated 'recipient' mice) as well as the expression of cell cycle-related genes were investigated. Results:The results indicated a significant increase in survival time, reduction in the hematopoietic tissue damage in RF pre-exposed mice which were gamma-irradiated (as compared with those exposed to gamma-radiation alone). This was accompanied by significantly increased expression of cell cycle-related genes, namely, cyclin-D1, cyclin-E, cyclin-DK4 and cyclin-DK2 in hematopoietic cells. Conclusions:Pre-exposure of mice to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields has resulted in a significant reduction in hematopoietic damage caused by subsequent exposure to ionising radiation. This phenomenon appears to be similar to that of the 'adaptive response' which is well documented in scientific literature. AUTHORS' ABSTRACT: Cao et al. 2010 (IEEE #5498): Exposure of humans simultaneously to microwave and gamma-ray irradiation may be a commonly encountered phenomenon. In a previous study data showed that low-dose microwave radiation increased the survival rate of mice irradiated with 8Gy gamma-ray; however, the mechanisms underlying these findings remain unclear. Consequently, studies were undertaken to examine the effects of microwave exposure on hematopoietic system adversely altered by gamma-ray irradiation in mice. Preexposure to low-dose microwaves attenuated the damage produced by gamma-ray irradiation as evidenced by less severe pathological alterations in bone marrow and spleen. The protective effects of microwaves were postulated to be due to up-expression of some hematopoietic growth factors, stimulation of proliferation of the granulocyte-macrophages in bone marrow, and inhibition of the gamma-ray induced suppression of hematopoietic stem cells/hematopoietic progenitor cells. Data thus indicate that prior exposure to microwaves may be beneficial in providing protection against injuries produced by gamma-ray on the hematopoietic system in mice.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Sowchow Univ, Suzhou, China
Funding Agency ?????
Country CHINA
  • Cao, Y et al. Int J Radiat Biol., (2011) 87:720-728
  • Cao, Y et al. J Toxicol Environ Health A., (2010) 73:507-513
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