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(Database last updated on Jun 1, 2020)

ID Number 214
Study Type Engineering & Physics
Model 30 kHz - 2.5 GHz (CW, GSM) exposure to cardiac pacemakers and analysis of electromagnetic interference

Pacemakers (95 different types) were examined for EMI effects to assess potential risk for pacemakers wearers. Development of appropriate testing conditions allowed appropriate coupling of RF fields with the pacemaker. The majority of pacemakers operated without any significant EMI effects, although in some cases EMI effects were observed at certain frequencies. The authors recommend pacemaker patients not carry mobile phones that are switched on in their breast pocket, and during operation the unit should be held at a distance of 20cm or greater from the pacemaker implant site. There is no risk when the phone is placed to the ear at a distance of > 20cm from the pacemaker site.

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator University of Gieben, FRG
Funding Agency FGF, Germany

FGF database ID# D2, FGF contract# 5928