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ID Number 2112
Study Type In Vivo
Model RF exposure [900, 1800 MHz (GSM)] exposure in animal models and analysis of ocular effects.

Reports of rats, rabbits and other animal models exposed to mobile phone radiofrequency were collectively evaluated for occular effects. The authors report that although thermal induction of cataracts, corneal edema, endothelial cell loss and retinal degeneration are well documented, that non-thermal effects remain controversial. AUTHORS' ABSTRACT: Crouzier et al. 2014 (IEEE #5560): LASIK eye surgery has become a very common practice for myopic people, especially those in the military. Sometimes undertaken by people who need to keep a specific medical aptitude, this surgery could be performed in secret from the hierarchy and from the institute medical staff. However, even though the eyes have been previously described as one of the most sensitive organs to electromagnetic fields in the human body, no data exist on the potential deleterious effects of electromagnetic fields on the healing eye. The consequences of chronic long-lasting radar exposures at power density, in accordance with the occupational safety standards (9.71GHz, 50W/m2), were investigated on cornea healing. The metabolic and clinical statuses after experimental LASIK keratotomy were assessed on the different eye segments in a New Zealand rabbit model. The analysis methods were performed after 5months of exposure (1 hour/day, 3 times/week). Neither clinical or histological examinations, nor experimental data, such as light scattering, 1H-NMR HRMAS metabolomics, 13C-NMR spectra of lipidic extracts, and antioxidant status, evidenced significant modifications. It was concluded that withdrawing the medical aptitude of people working in electromagnetic field environments (i.e., radar operators in the navy) after eye surgery was not justified.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Health Res Center for Armed Forces, France -
Funding Agency DRET, France
Country FRANCE
  • Vignal, R et al. Pathol Biol (Paris), (2009) 57:503-508
  • Crouzier, D et al. Journal of Ophthalmology., () Published Mar 18, 2014:-
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