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ID Number 2011
Study Type Literature Review, Letter, Book Chapt., Report
Model Meta-analysis of studies evaluating PEMF exposures and effectiveness in treating arthritic knees

Literature review (n = 9 sutdies) of pulsed electromagnetic field treatments compared with placebo was performed for osteoarthritis of the knee. The authors report no overall significant effect of PEMF treatments for pain (weighted mean difference 0.2; 95% CI-0.4 - 0.8) or stiffness (weighted mean difference 0.3; 95% CI -0.3 - 0.9), but there was a significant improvement in activity level (weighted mean difference 0.8; 95% CI 0.2-1.4). The authors conclude PEMF exposures may improve clinical outcome.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Children's Hospital Boston, MA, USA -
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
  • Vavken, P et al. J Rehabil Med., (2009) 41:406-411
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