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ID Number 1986
Study Type Social Sciences
Model Mobile phone and other technology use and analysis of addictions

Literature review of journal articles (n = 179, 1996-2005) dealing with technology addiction were evaluated. The authors report the largest number of studies was performed in the United States (n = 52), China (n = 23), the UK (n = 17), Taiwan (n = 13), and South Korea (n = 9). Internet addiction accounted for over 85% of the studies, followed by addition to video games (13.6%) and cell phones (2.1%).

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona Spain -
Funding Agency Nat'l Res Prog, Spain
Country SPAIN
  • Carbonell, X et al. J Med Libr Assoc., (2009) 97:102-107
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