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ID Number 1982
Study Type In Vitro
Model Electromagnetic field exposure [50 Hz and radiofrequency (GSM,,UMTS, WiFi and RFID)] to cell lines and analysis of DNA damage.

Fibroblast cell lines (ES-1, HR-1d, MRC-5) were exposed to 50 Hz (ELF) at 1 milliT for 15 hours using 2 x 4-coil exposure systems and analyzed for DNA breaks via the Comet assay. The authors report that temperature differences between exposed and sham never exceeded 0.5 degrees C. The authors report slight but significant increases in DNA fragmentation with intermittent but not continuous exposure that they suggest is due to concomitant decrease in transition through S phase and increased apoptosis

Findings Effects
Status Ongoing
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator University of Basel, Switzerland -
Funding Agency Nat'l Res Prog, Switzerland (SNSF, NRP57)
Country SWEDEN
  • Focke, F et al. Mutat Res., (2010) 683:74-83
  • Schuermann, D et al. Genes (Basel). , (2020) 11:347-
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