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ID Number 1965
Study Type Human / Provocation
Model 20 kHz (CW) exposure to humans and analysis of whole-body conductive properties

Human volunteers (n = 90 total) were exposed to a 20 kHz electromagnetic field (by sitting in proximity to an energized metallic plate and evaluated for thier ability to couple with the field and absorb, transmit, and emit electromagnetic signals. The authors report that different individuals of the same approximate body mass index still responsed differently, suggesting additional factors were involved. Additional studies were performed on other organisms. The authors conclude that the human body and other living organisms do not respond as simple conductive objects, but that other factors are involved.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Inst Bioelectromag New Biol, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
  • Skarja, M et al. Bioelectromag Biol Med, (2009) 28:85-95
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