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ID Number 1942
Study Type Epidemiology
Model 60 Hz ELF exposures and correlations with various neurodegenerative diseases

Cases of neurodegenerative disease were evaluated for occupational exposure history to several physical and chemical agents, including ELF. The authors report presenile dementia correlated with occupation as dentists, graders/sorters (non-agricultural), and clergy. Alzheimer's disease correlated with occupation as bank tellers, clergy, aircraft mechanics, and hairdressers, Parkinson's disease correlated with occupation as biological scientists, clergy, religious workers, and post-secondary teachers, and motor neuron disease correlated with occupation as veterinarians, hairdressers, and graders and sorters (non-agricultural). Further, teachers and hairdressers had significantly elevated ORs for multiple diseases. In particular, 60Hz ELF exposure was significantly correlated with Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator NIOSH, USA
Funding Agency NIOSH, USA
  • Park, RM et al. Am J Ind Med, (2005) 48:63-77
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