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ID Number 1866
Study Type Social Sciences
Model Mobile phone and other environmental sourses and percieved hypersensitivity and risk in volunteers in Germany

Volunteers from local Universities (n=424) and the community (n=152) were recruited via advertisement and responded to a questionairre regarding the percieved risk from environmental agents (such as RF from mobile phones). The authors report that women and the elderly reported more percieved hypersensitivity to environmental agents, and that the percieved hypersensitivity corelated with a general level of anxiety over modern health risks. The authors report such self-reported hypersensitivity "... is a functional somatic syndrome with a specific environment-focused attributional style" and "... sufferers may benefit from cognitive-behavioral approaches addressing attributions

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator University of Mainz, Munster, Germany
Funding Agency DFG, Germany
  • Bailer, J et al. J Psychosomatic Res, (2008) 65:425-433
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