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ID Number 1776
Study Type Social Sciences
Model Risk perception due to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, base stations, Wi-Fi, power lines, etc.

AUTHORS' ABSTRACT: Lambrozo et al. 2013 (IEEE #5231): OBJECTIVE: To assess the perception of risk of general practitioners (GPs) about electromagnetic fields (EMF), their sources of information, as well as their patients' level of concern. METHODS: Six hundred French GPs were selected according to the quotas method. They were asked to answer 24 items via an electronic questionnaire using the Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) method. RESULTS: The GPs know the main EMF sources: cell phone towers, cell phones, power-lines, microwave ovens and WiFi networks. Patients mostly complain or worry about the first three sources and ask their GP for information about these. GPs themselves search for information in the mainstream media rather than in the usual scientific and medical press. As a consequence, their knowledge about potential risks of EMF is deemed rather crude. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The GPs are sensitive to environmental concerns, particularly regarding EMF exposure. However, according to the results analysis, they do not have the same approach because of an obvious lack of mastery in a complex and poorly informed situation. A serious educational effort is essential and would be welcomed by practitioners, who are aware of their responsibilities in terms of counseling, diagnosis and care.

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Service des ├ętudes m├ędicales, Levallois-Perret ced
Funding Agency ?????
Country FRANCE
  • Lambrozo, J et al. Presse Med. [Abstract in English; Article in French], (Feb 15, 2013) [Epub ahead of print]:-
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