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ID Number 1759
Study Type Human / Provocation
Model 50 Hz ELF exposure to volunteers and analysis of motor control and physiologic tremor

Volunteers (n = 70) were exposed to 60 Hz ELF at 1800 microT as 4 x 15 minute exposures (with 15 minutes of rest in between) and tested either prior, during, or after exposure for resting EEG, physiological tremor (dominant index finger), voluntary hand movements, standing balance, local blood perfusion (tip of the non dominant middle finger), systolic blood pressure, skin temperature and ECG. The authors initially reported no significant effect on occipital EEG, postural tremor, or postural oscillations. In a related study, exposure of French electricity company workers (n = 36) to 50 Hz (ELF) at 1 milliT centered at the level of the head while maintaining a postural position with the index finger or in a kinetic condition of following a moving target with the index finger was evaluated using a counterbalanced double blind protocol. The authors report increased tremor especially in the 2 and 4 Hz range in the postural position as well as an overall relaxing effect of exposure.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator University Montpellier, France -
Funding Agency Hydro Quebec, Canada
Country CANADA
  • Pavlov, AN et al. Physiol Meas, (2007) 28:321-333
  • Legros, AN et al. Med Eng Phys, (2007) 28:827-836
  • Legros, A et al. Neurotoxicology, (2007) 27:534-546
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