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ID Number 1753
Study Type Human / Provocation
Model Mobile phone use and infertility in Poland

Male infertility patients (n = 304) treated in Poland were examined for correlations between decreased sperm motility and abnormal morphology and mobile phone use. The authors report a statistically significant correlation of these parameters with time of mobile phone use, but not with smoking, age, place of residence, or occupation. The authors suggest that sedentary work or stress may also be associated with occupations having significant mobile phone use and may also contribute, at least in part, to the findings.

Findings Effects (poor study design)
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Medical University Lublin, Poland
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
Country POLAND
  • Wdowiak, A et al. Ann Agric Environ Med, (2007) 14:169-172
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