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ID Number 1720
Study Type In Vivo
Model 2450 MHz exposure to b-gal transgenic ("Muta") mice and analysis of mutation frequency

Pregnant Muta mice were exposed to 2450 MHz RF at 4.3 W/kg (whole bosy, 10 seconds on / 50 seconds off, for 16 hours/day during embryonic day 0 through 15. In this assay, the inserted B-gal gene is inactivated - mutations caused by the exposure agent are identified by excising the vector from genomic DNA, packaging in a vector, transfecting bacteria and counting blue colonies. At 10 weeks of age, histopathologic analysis of spleen, liver, brain, and testis tissue was performed and revealed mutagenic effects from RF exposure.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan -
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
Country JAPAN
  • Ono, T et al. Tohoku J Exp Med, (2004) 202:93-103
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