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(Database last updated on Sep 25, 2020)

ID Number 1590
Study Type Engineering & Physics
Model 900, 1800 MHz (GSM) exposure and modeling of SAR distribution using FDTD models under conditions of multiple transmitting devices and inside reflective structures (e.g., cars, elevators)

Modeling study of human exposure due to mobile phone use. Studies include evaluation of exposure in partially shielded environments (cars, trains, certain rooms indoors) compared to measurements under optimal reception conditions outdoors. In addition, studies looking at average exposures from mobile phones (including power control, dTx, etc) as compared to max SAR value will be investigated to determine more accurately actual expected exposure levels.

Findings Ongoing
Status Ongoing
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator Telekom-Consult, Germany
Funding Agency BfS, Germany, DMF, Germany