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(Database last updated on Mar 6, 2021)

ID Number 1526
Study Type Human / Provocation
Model RF exposure to self reported hypersensitive individuals and analysis of sleep quality and EEG

Volunteers (self identified hypersensitive) evaluated in their home for sleep quality while simultaneously monitoring broadband RF from various sources including broadcast towers, mobile phone base stations, etc. During sleep, a special shielding fabric (blocking RF at 80 MHz to 2.56 GHz) was draped around the bed (including underneath) and was "activated" in a blinded and randomized manner so neither the subject nor technician could identify sham vs. exposed sleep conditions. Sleep quality was assessed by subsequent questionnaire (although results were not yet given as the blinded code has not yet been broken). The authors did report, however, that GSM base station signals were not the dominant contributor to RF within subjects' homes.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator Graz University of Technology, Austria
Funding Agency FGF, Germany, BfS, Germany, DMF, Germany