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ID Number 1525
Study Type In Vivo
Model 900 MHz (GSM) exposure to newborn rats and analysis of neuron degeneration and BBB effects (replication of Persson and Salford, 2003)

Newborn Wistar rats (n = 24 per group) were exposed to 900 MHz (GSM) RF at 0, 0.15, or 1.5 W/kg for 2 hr per day for 5 weeks. Six animals were sacrificed immediately after the exposure sessions ended to evaluate hippocampal tissue morphology, neuro-degeneration, and BBB leakage in a replication of work published by Persson and Salford (2003). The remaining animals were used for behavioral tests starting two weeks after the exposure session ended (open field test for locomotor and exploratory activity, maze test for anxiety, pre-pulse inhibition of the startle reflex to test general reactivity and attention, Morris water-maze test for spatial learning and memory). At the end of behavioral testing, these rats were also sacrificed and analyzed for histopathology. In a preliminary report at BEMS 2005, the authors did not observe any effects of RF exposure.

Findings No Effects
Status Ongoing
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator University of Kuopio, Finland -
Funding Agency TEKES