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(Database last updated on Mar 6, 2021)

ID Number 1521
Study Type In Vivo
Model 900 MHz (GSM), 2450 (WiFi) exposure to rats and analysis of neuron degeneration and apoptosis, including during in utero

Sprague Dawley rats were exposed to 900 MHz (GSM) at 0, 0.14, and 2 W/kg (brain average SAR) using a head first loop antenna exposure system. The authors also used a TEM cell exposure system. Positive controls were cold damage and kainic acid administration. In a preliminary report at BEMS 2006, the authors report ~ 4-fold decrease in degenerative neurons in the 2.0 W/kg group as compared to sham exposure, in contrast to the increase reported by Salford and Persson (2004). The group is also performing TUNEL analysis to assess apoptosis and evaluating BBB permeability via albumin leakage and immunoassay.

Findings No Effects
Status Ongoing
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator PIOM / Univ Bordeaux, France
Funding Agency CoMoBio, France, FSR, France
Country FRANCE