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(Database last updated on Nov 27, 2020)

ID Number 1502
Study Type Epidemiology
Model 100, 785 MHz (FM, TV) over-exposure from broadcast towers to workers and analysis of health effects

Workmen (n = 6) accidentally exposed to 100 MHz RF while working on transmission masts were analyzed. Symptoms included headache, parasthesiae, diarrhoea, malaise and lassitude. Symptoms were long lasting. In an earlier study, 3 workers were accidentally exposed to 785 MHz while working on a television mast. The authors report that the workers experienced immediate sensations of heating, pain, headache, numbness, and parasthesiae, malaise, diarrhoea, and skin erythema.

Findings Effects (only at thermal levels)
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Medical Branch Central Electricity Generating Boar -
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
  • Schilling, C Occup Med, (2000) 50:49-56
  • Holliday, R Occup Med, (2000) 50:616-
  • Schilling, CJ Occup. Environ. Med., (1997) 54:281-284
  • Hocking, C Occup. Environ. Med., (1998) 55:144-
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