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ID Number 1472
Study Type In Vivo
Model 60 Hz (Pulsed) ELF exposure to rats, mice, and dogs analysis of multiple endpoints

Sprague-Dawley rats and male AKR/J mice were exposed to pulsed 60 Hz ELF (rise time = 5 nanosec, 1/e fall time = 550 nanosec) for either 38 or 94 weeks with a peak electric field of 447 kV/m (for a total of 100 million pulses) in a parallel-plate transmission line exposure system fed by a pulse generator. The authors report no consistent or significant effects on blood cell (RBC, WBC, neutrophils, lymphocytes, reticulocytes, platelets) or bone-marrow cell concentration, proliferation, chromosome aberrations. No effects were reported on reproductive behavior. In earlier studies with pregnant rats, exposure as above resulted in no gross abnormalities of offspring and no mammary tumors following extended exposure. Exposure in AKR/J mice as above for 33 weeks (86 million pulses) did not show any significant effect on leukemia development or mean thymic or splenic weight or WBC count.

Findings No Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Armed Forces Rad Res Inst, Bethesda MD USA
Funding Agency NIH, USA
  • Baum, SJ Health Physics, (1979) 36:159-165
  • Baum, SJ et al. Health Phys., (1976) 30:161-166
  • Skidmore, WD et al. Health Phys., (1974) 26:391-398
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