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(Database last updated on Feb 24, 2021)

ID Number 141
Study Type Human / Provocation
Model 900 MHz (GSM) exposure to humans and analysis of EEG and cognitive function in human

Human subjects (n=25) were exposed to 914.2 MHz (GSM) for 10 minutes (during the 11th-20th min of a 30 min-EEG recording), 27 subjects served as control without field exposure. The exposition field was produced with a commercial mobile phone: transmitted power: 8 W from an antenna positioned 45 cm above the subjects head, producing an incident field strength of ~ 40 V/m (not exceeding the limit according to DIN/ VDE 0848). To assure that the results are reproducible in the sense of scientific work, special attention was given to the HF-design of the investigation methods, so e.g. numerical simulations of the test room as well as the measurement of external fields were carried out. No effects in EEG recordings (frequency range 0.5  30 Hz) were observed due to GSM exposure. In addition, a second abstract reported no effects on cognitive functions are reported. start date September 1994, end date August 1995

Findings No Effects
Status Completed Without Publication
Principal Investigator Bochum-Langendreer, FRG
Funding Agency FGF, Germany

The same group of subjects was used for both the Calabrese et al and Spittler et al studies (two seperate abstracts) presented at the 2nd World Congress for Electricity and Mangetism in Biol & Med (Bologna, 1997). FGF database ID# K4, FGF contract# 5922. Exposure system design by Hansen et al FGF database ID# K3, FGF contract# 5938