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ID Number 1287
Study Type Epidemiology
Model Occupational exposure (microwaves, ionizing radiaiton, etc) of pregnant women and analysis of congenital defects in children

Human infants (n = 2,043) born to 2018 female physiotherapists were analyzed for congenital abnormalities and correlations with maternal exposure (shortwave, microwave, and ultrasonic equipment, X-ray exposure, use of electrostimulator or hexachlorophene-containing soaps) during pregnancy. There was a slight correlation between use of shortwave (~ 3 - 30 MHz) equipment and dead or malformed infants.

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Tornblad Institute, Lund, Sweden
Funding Agency Research Council, Sweden
Country SWEDEN
  • Kallen, B et al. Arch. Environ. Health, (1982) 37:81-85
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