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ID Number 1266
Study Type In Vitro
Model 2450 MHz (CW) exposure of frog muscle tissue and analysis of AChE activity and protein conformational changes

Frog muscle tissue was harvested, placed in Petri dishes on ice, and exposed to 2450 MHz (CW) for 30 minutes at SARs of 4.92 or 9.83 mW/kg. Statistically significant decreases were observed on AChE activity (12% and 18%, respectively) and protein conformation (based upon spectro-photometric analysis). However, clear dose response and time dependent patterns were not observed. The authors conclude that exposure at non-thermal levels altered AChE activity and caused protein conformational changes in frog muscle cells, with the effects lasting at least 48 hours following exposure, and speculate that complex observations may be the result of SAR "windows". Further, the effect of RF exposure on AChE activity may be due to a direct resonance mechanism, "namely on its peripheral anionic sub-site."

Findings Effects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Sofia University / Bulgarian Acad Sci, Sofia, Bulg
Funding Agency Private/Instit.
  • Vukova , T et al. Medical Science Monitor, (2005) 11:BR50-BR56
  • Comments

    There is no information on exposure system / signal generation or dose calculations / determination. Differences between Spring and Winter frog tissues that the authors use to explain variability in the sham groups suggests that the studies were not all performed using the same tissue or during the same time period. There is no obvious dose response associated with the two exposure levels or with time of exposure; the complex variability is explained by "exposure windows". The "spectrophotometric analysis used to measure protein conformational changes seems rather crude - no mention of what wavelength was used for absorption and what possible factors in the complex cell soup might have confounded such measurements.