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(Database last updated on Oct 14, 2021)

ID Number 1194
Study Type In Vitro
Model ELF exposure to primary gonad cell cultures and analysis of gene expression and localization of adhering / attachment / structural proteins

Mouse primary testicular interstitial (Leydig) or human ovarian granulosa cells were exposed to a sinusoidal 50 (or 16) Hz magnetic field at 100 uT for 48 hr in a CO2 incubator. Non-exposed, human choriogonadotropin stimulated and toxic metal ion (Ni2+) exposed cells were also cultured as positive controls. Following exposure, the localization of cadherins, ²-catenin and tubulin was immunocytochemical detected and examined by fluorescent microscopy. The determination of the amount of adherens cell contact proteins in Leydig cells by Western blot is in progress. Start date December 2001, end date December 2004.

Findings Ongoing
Status Ongoing
Start Date
End Date
Principal Investigator National Research Institute for Radiobiology and R -
Funding Agency Ministry of Welfare, Hungary
  • Forgacs, Z et al. Acta Biologica Szegediensis , (2003) 47:27-30
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