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ID Number 1171
Study Type In Vitro
Model RF emissions (8-9 MHz, 8-14 GHz, 30-50 GHz) measured from yeast culture, as well as analysis of growth rate

Yeast cell cultures were measured in the 8-9 MHz, 8-14 GHz and 30-50GHz bands for emissions as well as analyzed for growth rate. The design is a follow on of studies by Grundler and Keilmann. The authors report detection of emissions that (by use of tubulin mutants and cell cyle dependency) appear to correspond to certain tubulin structures (e.g., mitotic spindle, chromatid binding to kinetechore, and spindle elongation / anaphase. In addition, the authors performed theoretical assessments for generation of endogenous oscillating electric fields by microtubules in eucaryotic cells, and conclude that such structures may satisfy requirements for generation of oscillating electric fields, and this effect is not dampened by viscous effects of cytosol due to a slip layer at the microtubule surface.

Findings Not Applicable to Bioeffects
Status Completed With Publication
Principal Investigator Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic -
Funding Agency Ministry Ed, Youth, Sports, Czech Republic
  • Pokorny, J Biochemistry, (2004) 63:321-326
  • Srobar, F Biochemistry, (2004) 63:87-90
  • Jelinek, F et al. Electro Magnetobiol, (2001) 20:75-80
  • Pokorny, J et al. , (2001) 20:371-396
  • Pokorny, J et al. Bioelectromag Bioenergetic, (1998) 45:239-245
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