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Criteria: Study Type=In Vitro,Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Subtype=Biochemical endpoints (general)

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Title Non-thermal microwave effects on protein dynamics? An X-ray diffraction study on tetragonal lysozyme crystals.
Reference Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr., Vol. 61, Pg. 163 - 172, 2005
Author(s) Weissenborn R., Diederichs K., Welte W., Maret G., Gisler T.
PubMed UID 15681867
Project ID 2448
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Title Examining for possible non-thermal effects during heating in a microwave oven.
Reference Food Chem., Vol. 103, Pg. 444 - 453, 2007
Author(s) Shazman A., Mizrahi S., Cogan U., Shimoni E.
PubMed UID
Project ID 2450
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Title Radiofrequency inactivation of oxidative food enzymes in model systems and apple derivatives.
Reference Food Res Int. , Vol. 41, Pg. 1044 - 1049, 2008
Author(s) Manzocco L., Anese M., Nicoli M. C.
PubMed UID
Project ID 2451
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Title Thirty-minutes' exposure to smartphone call triggers neutrophil activation in vitro.
Reference Clin Chem Lab Med., Vol. 54, Pg. 1497 - 1501, 2016
Author(s) Lippi G., Danese E., Brocco G., Benati M., Franchini M., et al. .
PubMed UID 26872316
Project ID 2553
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Title Parallel Beta-sheet vibration band increases with proteins dipole moment under exposure to 1765 MHz microwaves.
Reference Bioelectromagnetics., Vol. 37, Pg. 99 - 107, 2016
Author(s) Calabrò E., Magazù S.
PubMed UID 26833949
Project ID 2564
View This Study - Citation No: 6413
Title Effects of 3G cell phone exposure on the structure and function of the human cytochrome P450 reductase.
Reference Bioelectrochemistry., Vol. 111, Pg. 62 - 69, 2016
Author(s) Tanvir S., Thuróczy G., Selmaoui B., Lévêque P., de Seze R., et al. .
PubMed UID 27243445
Project ID 2606
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Title Pulsed or continuous electromagnetic field induce p53/p21-mediated apoptotic signaling pathway in mouse spermatogenic cells in vitro and thus may affect male fertility.
Reference Toxicology., Vol. 16, Pg. 84 - 92, 2017
Author(s) Solek P., Majchrowicz L., Bloniarz D., Krotoszynska E., Koziorowski M.
PubMed UID 28323003
Project ID 2700
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Title Impact of electromagnetic fields on in vitro toxicity of silver and graphene nanoparticles.
Reference Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. , Vol. 38, Pg. 21 - 31, 2019
Author(s) Saliev T., Baiskhanova D. M., Akhmetova A., Begimbetova D. A., Akishev M., et al. .
PubMed UID
Project ID 2783
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Title The effects of mobile phone radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on B-amyloid-induced oxidative stress in human and rat primary astrocytes.
Reference Neuroscience., Vol. 408, Pg. 46 - 57, 2019
Author(s) Tsoy A., Saliev T., Abzhanova E., Kaiyrlykyzy A., Akishev M.
PubMed UID
Project ID 2783