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Criteria: Study Type=Human / Provocation,Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Subtype=DNA Breaks, Repair, & Mutation

View This Study - Citation No: 5170
Title Single-strand DNA breaks in human hair root cells exposed to mobile phone radiation.
Reference Int J Radiat Biol., Vol. 88, Pg. 420 - 424, 2012
Author(s) Cam S. T., Seyhan N.
PubMed UID 22348707
Project ID 2276
View This Study - Citation No: 6157
Title Influence of Cardiac MR Imaging on DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Human Blood Lymphocytes.
Reference Radiology., Vol. 277, Pg. 406 - 412, 2015
Author(s) Brand M., Ellmann S., Sommer M., Lell M., Uder M., et al. .
PubMed UID 26225451
Project ID 2517
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Title Biological Effects of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance on Human Blood Cells.
Reference Circ Cardiovasc Imaging., Vol. 8(9), Pg. e003697. - doi: 10.1161/CIRCIMAGING.115.003697, 2015
Author(s) Lancellotti P., Nchimi A., Delierneux C., Hego A., Oury C., et al. .
PubMed UID 26338876
Project ID 2518
View This Study - Citation No: 6486 (Letter to the Editor)
Title Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Case for Nonionizing Radiation Protection and the Precautionary Principle.
Reference Circ Cardiovasc Imaging., Vol. 8(9), Pg. e003885 - , 2015
Author(s) Kaufmann P. A.
PubMed UID 26338878
Project ID 2518
View This Study - Citation No: 6800
Title Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations.
Reference Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine., Vol. 36, Pg. 295 - 305, 2017
Author(s) Zothansiama ., Zosangzuali M., Lalramdinpuii M., Jagetia G. C.
PubMed UID
Project ID 2714