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Title The proliferative response of NB69 human neuroblastoma cells to a 50 Hz magnetic field is mediated by ERK1/2 signaling.
Reference Cell Physiol Biochem., Vol. 29, Pg. 675 - 686, 2012
Author(s) Martinez M. A., Ubeda A., Cid M. A., Trillo M. A.
PubMed UID 22613968
Project ID 2297
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Title Sensitivity of coherent oscillations in rat hippocampus to AC electric fields.
Reference J Physiol., Vol. 583 (Pt 2), Pg. 555 - 565, 2007
Author(s) Deans J. K., Powell A. D., Jefferys J. G.
PubMed UID 17599962
Project ID 2297
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Title Biological Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields of Extremely Low Frequency.
Reference New York University Press, New York., Vol. Book, Pg. - (255 pages), 1977
Author(s) Sheppard A. R., Eisenbud M.
PubMed UID
Project ID 2297